Bluez-n'awlinz-jazz tunez


George has played the blues in Israel, klezmer in Iceland and jazz in Canada. After his studies at the Guildhall School of Music in London, George and his young family settled in Toronto, where he was active on the jazz scene as a guitarist, vocalist, composer and producer for 30 years. In 2011, his daughters now grown, George's Wandering Jew spirit took over once again and he relocated to Orlando, FL, to soak up the sunshine and play some New Orleans vibed tunes. GYPSY BLUEZ is the result.

Though right handed, I play the accordion right handed and right side up. Have since I started some 25 years ago.  My parents are from Left Hand, West Virginia, so it just came kinda natural. I moved to Winter Park recently from Zuzax, New Mexico where I played at Molly's, the local watering hole, for 10 years, entertaining the hillbillies and drinking and smoking a fair amount, too. Played with such luminaries as "Green Gums" Wilson, J.P. Enos and the Swinging Johnsons and more than, really, I can recall.  I feel naked without the accordion on (cause I often play without any clothes on)

George Grosman
John Keith
Paolo Tursi

Paolo began playing the drums at the age of ten. During his time in high school, he participated in and won several talent shows and drum solo competitions. He was accepted into the jazz studies program at UCF on scholarship and currently plays for the Flying Horse Big Band, which is the top jazz ensemble in the program. He has taught privately for over 7 years, freelances in Central Florida, runs a successful percussion camp every summer, composes music, and has worked as the primary percussion instructor and arranger for the Colonial High School marching band for the last 4 years. 

Jeanine Ponder

Jeanine Ponder is well versed in many musical styles ranging from Classical, Alternative, to Rhythm and Blues/Soul. Beginning her musical career as an opener for artists such as Brian Mcknight and Shirley Murdock, she has grown to be an inspiring vocalist in her own right. An accomplished musician academically, she has honed her writing skills and has traveled the country as a soloist. Jeanine is a temendous addition to the Gypsy Bluez sound with her emotional and inspiring vocal stylings